Mommy Confession: Obsession with Crime TV Shows


I have a confession: I love crime shows. Love might be an understatement. I’m obsessed with them actually. I don’t attribute this weird obsession to my career – I was watching these shows long before law school entered my mind. Maybe my mother is to blame, I remember her watching America’s Most Wanted and Court TV when I was young.

I’m not talking about the action-packed thrillers CSI or True Detectives. I’m talking about the shows that document real life crime and mysteries. I really try to watch them when the kids aren’t aren’t around… but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Below are a few of my favorites:

  • On The Case with Paula Zahn – Paula Zahn delves into the investigations and legal process of each case. She does this by interviewing those closest to the case: lawyers, investigators, friends, and family. Sometimes she also interviews the murderers themselves. I like the personal approach she takes to each case.
  • Snapped – This is your classic show depicting women at their worst. They’ve gone off the deep end and murdered their husband, boyfriend, fiancee,  or anyone that gets in their way. This is kind of a real life version of all those lifetime movies most of us are guilty of watching (you know I’m right).
  • Fatal Vows -This show is similar to Snapped, but focuses on the craziness that happens after divorce and features both male and female perpetrators. It also features a psychotherapist and forensic psychologist who examine each couple as the story unfolds for the audience.
  • Forensic Files – This one’s an oldie but goodie – dramatic reenactments follow each investigation from the initial crime scene to the end of the legal process.
  • Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda – A real homicide detective who has solved more than 400 murders revisits the most disturbing of his career while taking the audience through the process of bringing the perpetrator to justice.

My husband is a different story, he would rather put a fork in his eye than watch any of my shows. Don’t judge me.. it’s what I do when I’m not going crazy taking care of these three kids or working. Let me know what your favorite shows are… maybe I can be converted?

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