4 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Family Traditions

Family Valentine's Day Traditions

Does your family have an annual Valentine’s Day tradition?

Valentine’s Day is certainly not one of my favorite holidays, although I don’t mind the exuberant amount of chocolate that seems to float around all month and then come home from classroom parties. ūüôā I don’t like promoting commercial holidays, rather I believe we should spend time each day telling/showing the people that we love what our¬†intentions and feelings are.

That being said, I don’t want to zap all of the fun out of my kids childhood so I’ve come up with¬†four traditions that are fun for a family of any age or size that doesn’t have to center around spending money.

Heart Pancakes for Breakfast:

Let the children have something to look forward to each year when they wake up on Valentine’s Day morning. Even on hectic weekday mornings, this is a tradition that can last a lifetime, is inexpensive, and allows for time together. We have a squirt bottle that we put the pancake batter in to help shape the pancakes. There are several pancake mold options that would also work. Heidi over at One Creative Mommy has a great tutorial for how to make heart-shaped pancakes with squirt bottles. Check it out!

Heart Pizza for Dinner:

Notice a theme here? Show them how much you love them by filling their tummies with deliciousness and they will thank you for it. Get together a few days in advance to decide what kind of pizza everyone prefers, shop in advance, and spend an hour on valentines eve with the kids making a “lovely”¬†pizza. My kids love cheese and pepperoni¬†so that’s what I generally¬†have on hand. Any recipe would work. I love the way this Heart-shaped Pizza from How Sweet It Is turned out!


Have each member of your family create a piece of artwork each year about something that happened within the past year that they loved or admired. We use varying sizes of thick card stock with matching frames. Depending on the size of your family, you’ll have a valentines gallery wall that will continue to grow each year that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Be your Children’s Valentine:

Each year I write each of my children a valentine. A short, sweet note reminding them what I love about them and how important they are. When they were small I would write it in their baby book or on a valentine card that had their favorite character. Now that my son is older and thinks Valentine’s Day is dumb, I leave a note for him on his dresser. He¬†reiterates how stupid my tradition is, but I know that¬†he reads it and will remember this¬†gesture forever.

What do you do with your family on Valentine’s Day?